The Future of Health

Good health and fulfilled lives is about more than just healthcare. Its your day-to-day wellness and ability to afford care. It's also about your education, work and financial support. This is why we care about healthcare, wellness and connected industries like fintech.

Affordability and access

Two key problems that we're focused on solving is cost of care and access. Reducing the cost of care for patients, healthcare systems and funders (e.g. insurers) is one of the biggest drivers of adoption. And its important for both emerging and developed markets. This could mean new care pathways for a long term condition, digital models of primary care or using data to target patients with the biggest needs.

New products won't get used if you don't solve the access problem. We look for models that understand this and innovate around brand, distribution, partnerships or funding models to get their products into the hands of users. An example of this is how innovators are removing the stigma associated with mental health and bringing this topic mainstream.

The supply problem

There are not enough clinicians, medical professionals, carers or fitness coaches. This is true for almost all sectors in health and wellness and for all countries. New products that use technology to solve the supply chain problem is the next big area of innovation. This could mean using technology to deliver services in a different way, empowering patients to support each other or using data and AI to better target who receives support.


The world has been changed by COVID 19 and neither the pandemic nor the changes caused by it will disappear anytime soon. It has taken lives and brought huge challenges for families, healthcare systems and all industries. Now is the time for entrepreneurs to solve problems at pace, create new models that scale and build the world of tomorrow that we need today. The problems created by COVID 19 must be solved through innovation and collaboration.

Our role as Harbr is to support entrepreneurs to build and scale new services that will help humanity to thrive in today's challenges and the world that follows. Integral to this is are investors that share this vision and want to create the future. Reach out to us if you want to contribute to this effort or require support.
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